Medical Billing Services

talking to an elderly womanMedical Billing is a procedure wherein the healthcare provider complies and follows up on claims with the health insurance providers to obtain reimbursement for the medical and healthcare services performed or done.

Billing Solutionx aims to ease the responsibilities of our clients when it comes to the medical billing processes. We offer a variety of Medical Billing Services because we know that our clients may have different billing service needs. It is our utmost intention to help and assist you in any of your billing necessities and concerns in the most efficient way. Hence, we always make sure to figure out which kind of billing services you require prior to determining which solution suits you.

Services We Offer

  • Pre-verification/Certification of Claims – is the procedure of acquiring a preceding authorization for a service from insurance providers. This reduces the chances of denials and write-offs, and allows immediate and efficient payment.
  • Claims Scrubbing–is the process of intricately cleaning a claim before its submission for the improvement of denial rates. This will get rid or at least lessen data lapses which can possibly lead to re-works and denials.
  • Electronic Encrypted Submissions–allows quicker and more efficient submission of claims. This will ensure your submissions are much secured and accurate, and reduces delays and denials because of data lapses.
  • Claims Follow-Up – our staff will promptly follow up our client’s claims when there is no payment received yet. This allows payment accuracy and lessens the chances of duplicate claim denials.
  • Generation of Patient Statements – we generate brief yet comprehensible patient statements to allow our clients to experience cash flow improvement, cut down costs and conserve time by billing your patients in a fast and efficient.
  • Customized Forms Creation (e.g. superbills, etc.) – we can create various forms for our clients depending on their preferences and necessities. This allows better and simpler reflection of rendered services to bill to the insurance providers for compensation.
  • Dedicated Account Representative – we can assign dedicated account representatives to our clients to provide only the best services. This allows hassle-free processes for our clients as our representatives will perform the needed tasks.

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