About Us

giving medical receipt Billing Solutionx is a medical billing service provider located in Houston, Texas that offers a variety of services, specializing in medical billing, consulting, and billing supervisory for healthcare providers. We have been in business for 10 years providing healthcare providers with timely and accurate billing services throughout the city of Houston and beyond. We hold a certification as a Medical Reimbursement Specialist and also a member of the American Billing Association.

If you need a comprehensive staff that will handle all your medical billing processes right from the start until its completion, then you can definitely trust us.

After years of comprehensive experience in the field we are specializing in, we can guarantee all our clients, future and current, that we dedicate our full expertise and compassion in everything we do and we will coordinate with our different teams in order to provide you only the most efficient services.

We strive hard to consistently work with the state and commercial payers in order for us to stay updated on the recent developments in processes associated with medical billing and claims processing.

If you are in need of medical billing and other related services, do call us at 713-894-8046. We can provide better billing solutions for you.